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Get the comfort of knowing your business is on solid ground with expert guidance from our legal team.



Reliable business lawyers for start-ups and mid-sized companies

Get the comfort of knowing your business is on solid ground with expert guidance from our legal team.

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Legal services for all stages of the business cycle

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Starting your new business is about much more than selecting a legal form and filing the paperwork. It’s about setting up, structuring and organizing the business in light of your day-to-day needs and long-term goals while mitigating potential risks. This is what we do best.

Here are a few of the legal services we provide to new businesses:

  • Incorporations
  • Formations of partnerships
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Unanimous shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Financing and security agreements
  • Due diligence


We understand the challenges faced by business owners. We make things a bit easier by drafting and negotiating contracts that maximize value to your business, while protecting your assets and intellectual property. We also advise on regulatory compliance and help resolve legal disputes.

These are just a few of the legal services we offer to new and operating businesses:

  • contracts – employment, commercial, IT and sourcing
  • commercial leasing
  • anti-spam legislation and compliance
  • corporate organization, meetings, share issuances and annual filings
  • director and officer liability

Restructuring and Succession Planning

Most successful businesses reach a point where fundamental changes are required. Your business might be paying more than its fair share of taxes, you may need more operational flexibility, you may want to change your role in the business or you may be considering retirement and estate planning.

We plan and implement corporate restructuring for business, tax and estate planning purposes:

  • tax planning and restructuring
  • corporate reorganizations
  • corporate amalgamations
  • corporate dissolutions
  • Succession planning and estate freezes

Outsourced Legal Counsel Services

Ever wonder why most large companies have in-house lawyers? In-house lawyers lead to better corporate decision-making, reduce legal costs, result in more knowledgeable employees and improve risk management. Of course, the barrier for small businesses is a lawyer’s salary.

We can help you get the benefits of an in-house lawyer, a bit sooner. For businesses with consistent, long-term legal needs, we offer two types of outsourced legal counsel services:

  • General counsel: We provide a fixed amount of legal hours each month, at a reduced rate.
  • In-house counsel: A lawyer will come to your office to work at a scheduled time each week.

Our general counsel services are a new way of providing legal services. We would be pleased to meet with you to help you determine if this service makes sense for your business.

Why Choose Us?

  • Exceptional service

    We believe you deserve nothing short of exceptional service from your lawyer.

  • Trusted advice

    We don’t just know the law, we also understand our clients’ business. We give practical advice that works for your business.

  • Available 24/7

    Our clients are important to us. Call us or email us any time.

  • Flexible pricing

    We find a payment arrangement that works for you. We offer fixed-fee or hourly billing, and offer long-term contract work (through our general counsel services).

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